Palaye Royale Series No .2
EXCLUSIVE August 2015 Palaye Royale Photo for NorEaster Magazine

By CA Marshall Editor | Starlight Music Chronicles When it comes to Canadian Born, Las Vegas based Fashion Art Rock Band Palaye Royale, it’s perfectly fine to name drop. And we’re not talking just the band as an entity, we are talking all of the Fashion and Entertainment Industry Professionals sitting up and taking a serious look at history being made here and wanting to be a part of it. Prominent Profiles such as Kellin Quinn (Frontman for the band Sleeping with Sirens) have begun talks of collaborations on music with the band as of late, The Agency Groups’ Ralph James (see note worthy below) has signed the band following their candid performance at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Ontario, Canada earlier this spring, and Fashion Moniker John Varvatos has also demonstrated his support via fashion ensembles which have become the bands insignia: Fashion Art Rock Band. To be perfectly frank, their trail has cultivated from a ‘dwarf- sized’ star (haven’t they always been stars?) to a blazing comet across the universe and this is no short-term comet either, this one is for the history books.   But how can we be so confident in making this claim though? Proof is in the documented and historical timeline leading up to present day. I have personally written several articles on different Website platforms for Palaye Royale (now based out of Los Angeles, California) and have followed their journey quite closely since February of 2014 when they messaged me via Twitter to […]

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