Palaye Royale Series No .2

By CA Marshall

Editor | Starlight Music Chronicles

When it comes to Canadian Born, Las Vegas based Fashion Art Rock Band Palaye Royale, it’s perfectly fine to name drop. And we’re not talking just the band as an entity, we are talking all of the Fashion and Entertainment Industry Professionals sitting up and taking a serious look at history being made here and wanting to be a part of it. Prominent Profiles such as Kellin Quinn (Frontman for the band Sleeping with Sirens) have begun talks of collaborations on music with the band as of late, The Agency Groups’ Ralph James (see note worthy below) has signed the band following their candid performance at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Ontario, Canada earlier this spring, and Fashion Moniker John Varvatos has also demonstrated his support via fashion ensembles which have become the bands insignia: Fashion Art Rock Band. To be perfectly frank, their trail has cultivated from a ‘dwarf- sized’ star (haven’t they always been stars?) to a blazing comet across the universe and this is no short-term comet either, this one is for the history books.


But how can we be so confident in making this claim though? Proof is in the documented and historical timeline leading up to present day. I have personally written several articles on different Website platforms for Palaye Royale (now based out of Los Angeles, California) and have followed their journey quite closely since February of 2014 when they messaged me via Twitter to ‘check out’ their video for ‘Get Higher’. I didn’t realize at the time (and after 48 consecutive hours of research later) that I had been reeled into what I call the ‘Palaye Royale Vortex’ which anyone who has heard them knows as: ‘We NEED to know more! HEAR more! SEE more!’ And so it went…..following their victory with the MTV Musical March Madness competition in the spring of 2014 where they became the first ever unsigned band in the history of MTV to ever accomplish this feat beating out other high caliber bands like Coldplay, Fallout Boy, Linkin Park and Tokio Hotel to where they are at this moment in time.





The band broke ground early this year when they hopped aboard the High School Nation Spring 2015 Tour (Palaye Royale & High School Nation Tour Spring 2015 ) from April and well into the end of May by performing in front of tens of thousands of people. At the same time, their single ‘Get Higher’ was (and still is daily) released and getting into high radio rotation across the USA and Canada which also secured the video a spot on MUCH Canada rotation. *Notable: Prior to the High School Nation Tour, Palaye Royale did live pre-production, an ‘old school’ style of music creation much like the Rolling Stones. In fact, World famous DJ Rodney Bingenheimer (KROQ 106.7 FM Radio based out of Los Angeles, CA) has been so smitten with the band’s music, he has sought them out, connecting immediately, and taken it upon himself to spin their unreleased song ‘White’ causing their 193,000 (and growing) Twitter fan base (also known as Soldiers of the Royal Council) into a frenzy wanting to get their hands on a copy. Here’s the catch though: the song hasn’t even been released on record yet!

Dedicated fans have driven throughout various Provinces and States in the USA and Canada just to see the band perform some of their new music live. Frontman Remington Leith shared in an interview with me earlier this year that it was ‘a unique way to see what the fans would like to see on the album and to gauge their response’ This ‘test’ (also known as ‘The Boom Boom Room’ where their Iconic imprint had already begun) certainly left a huge impact and quick response time from three high caliber Agencies scrambling to sign with the band after their smashing performance in Toronto, Canada at the Hard Rock Cafe during Canadian Music Week. Before their Plane had even landed back in Las Vegas to continue with the High School Nation Tour after their 48 hour whirlwind tour for the CMW showcase, they had struck a deal with Ralph James with the Agency Group. . *Noteworthy: Ralph James has a long list of high caliber talent signed with The Agency Group such as: Billy Talent, Mariannas Trench, Dallas Smith, Down With Webster, Platinum Blonde, Nickelback, Walk Off the Earth, 54-40, and Barenaked Ladies to name a few (his list is long!)


-Earlier accomplishments/History-

Let’s recap what has evolved in the last year and a half: Palaye Royale has accomplished an MTV Music Award (after winning first place in MTV Musical March Madness in early April of 2014 beating out bands like Coldplay, Fall Out Boys, Linkin Park, and Tokio Hotel, clearly demonstrating their artistry is also of the same high caliber. Even more interesting is that they are the FIRST EVER Independent band in the history of MTV to ever accomplish this feat and were consequently invited to appear on the red carpet at the MTV Movie awards in the same month. They have also performed on the Ernie Ball Stage at Vans Warped Tour as well as The Hard Rock Rising in Las Vegas. All of the above are fan voted accomplishments, all within a few months span.

Palaye Royale was also featured in a Global Samsung Galaxy Note commercial (see above) alongside their single ‘Get Higher’ (See below) The Samsung campaign started in Londons’ ‘Picadilly Circus’ on the Teletrons for its visual content. Subsequently, due to the overwhelming response from viewers at the International Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas, Nevada the campaign continued for a further 18 months. Clearly, this isn’t any ordinary band and the strategic plans that they have charted out for the future of their success is absolutely remarkable.

Palaye Royale were also winners of Bongo Boy TV’s (BBTV) Indie Music Video Contest this last Spring being selected out of 1.2 million independent artists via Reverbnation.  Their music video ‘Get Higher’ featured on The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show aired in two episodes: premiering in April 2015 with National rotation coast to coast and in New York City on April 4th 2015. BBTV distribute their TV show series on 3 TV channels with cable companies like NBCUniversal Comcast, Cablevision, Time Warner, FiOS, AT&T U-Verse, Suddenlink, Charter Cable and RCN Network Television.


Fast forward: On July 1st, Palaye Royale performed at the World famous Hollywood Rock and Roll Hotel: Sunset Marquis right off of the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California before a private audience of 300 prominent Industry Dignitaries and the Canadian Consulate for the Canada Day SOCAN Friends and Family event.  Once again, the band made music history in a venue which has been a platform for actors, comedians, writers, artists, filmmakers, fashion designers, supermodels, restaurateurs, billionaire entrepreneurs, for the past 50 years. (See photos)



On July 15th of this year, Palaye Royale performed on the CBGB Stage originating from the famous club in New York at the Bowery which was shipped to the YouTube Space LA where the live recording of their new song ‘Live Like We Want To’ took place. (Cool side note: the club is now the home to John Varvatos’ flagship store since 2007 following the clubs closure in 2006) So what does this mean? It’s a pretty huge deal: The CBGB Stage originated as a biker club in 1973 featuring Country, Bluegrass and Blues Musicians (thus the acronym CBGB) and towards the early 1980’s became a famed venue known for hosting punk rock Musicians Blondie, The Ramones, Television, Patti Smith Group, and Talking Heads. By being asked by YouTube Space LA to perform on the original stage specifically brought to Los Angeles and having Palaye Royale create yet another major historical music maneuver does not surprise me one bit given their accomplished history. (see exclusive photos from the CBGB filming & Exclusive Video released to Starlight Music Chronicles SPOTLIGHT Page )





In addition to all of the focus on the bands accomplishments as a whole, Drummer Emerson Barrett (under the alias: Dr. Strangebomb) has been featuring his unique and exquisite art in Galleries and Art shows throughout Los Angeles. The attention to the tiniest details in his creations has fans and collectors across the Globe fascinated by his ‘Revolutionary Art’ concepts and principles. His next show will take place on September 10th at KGB Studios Downtown Los Angeles. (see photo of description and reference the Artists Tumbler Page:


Palaye Royale are at present working on new music and collaborations which will only create more of a stir globally and it is exciting to see what will come next as they head towards new accomplishments and unique historical music feats. It can only be anticipated given their successes. Let’s face it folks, there will never be another band in the history of music who will have paved a path so unique such as Palaye Royale and with all their hard work, dedication, and accomplishments under their belt, I am confident saying this IS the Band of the Century and the Century has only just begun!


*Palaye Royale have recently announced their Fall 2015 Tour (see Photo)* 

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