Jamie Lawson

Jamie Lawson Self Titled Album: From Warner Music Canada AVAILABLE OCT 16 “I first became aware of Jamie Lawson a few years ago, after hearing his track “Wasn’t Expecting That”. I very rarely get emotional over a track, but that song stopped me dead. He manages to put across such raw emotion within his work, and I knew immediately that I wanted to work with this guy in some way. Having decided to start my own label ‘Gingerbread Man Records’ with my label Atlantic Records, the first artist I had to sign was Jamie. Starting Gingerbread Man Records means I can put music I love out there on a huge platform, and Jamie seemed like the perfect choice for my first release” – Ed Sheeran, July 2015. The road to overnight success is often far longer than people assume, but for Jamie Lawson, the journey was an epic one. It took time for him to find his voice, and even longer to hone his songs, which recreate a key moment, an emotion or even a whole lifetime in sparse, poetic language that connects in a very direct and powerful way. And though he quickly found a core, loyal following who have sustained him throughout, only now is that starting to blossom into something far bigger. But music this lovely is worth waiting for. Growing up in Plymouth, Jamie was introduced to music by his older brothers. Early on, he’d go to school singing lyrics by The Smiths and The Housemartins […]

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