by CA Marshall It was not too long ago when we first began our Starlight Music Chronicles Artist of the Month competitions and Arkavello came in very close behind the August 2015 winner Olivia Rose with a whopping 481 votes and a very close victory. Since, the band has launched their new album ‘Songs From The Future’ and we have the scoop below! ________________ Alex Webster – Vocals and Bass John Hutchinson – Vocals and Guitar Riley Frank – Vocals and Drums SMC – Hello Arkavello! Wow! What a year for you all! We have listened (many times, we admit) to your first EP `Songs from the Future` and would love to know right off the bat the story behind each song – could you tell us a little about each one? Alex – The first song “Caught in a Fantasy” is an older song John and I wrote in October of 2013 before Arkavello became a full band; it was a turning point in our writing, as well as our own view on the world. It is about becoming aware that your reality isn’t what you have been told. John – “Here We Are” is about humanity coming to a cross roads, either we can choose the path of greed and power which will undoubtedly lead to oblivion or choose the path of peace and love. John – “Vanilla” is plea to a higher power to cleanse the world of all evil.   SMC – We were so happy to have […]

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