By CA Marshall Photos courtesy of NEW MAYANS Management by Victoria Sanders Photography I think I have found my new ‘Bowie’. Now hold on, hold on, HOLD ON! Before all you avid Bowie lovers get up in arms and think I am replacing our beloved ‘BlackStar’ please hear me out: I am and always will be a loyal Bowie fan. But truly, I have stumbled upon something *NEW* here and I feel confident in my initial statement…… Back in 2014, St. Louis, Missouri-born, Chicago based,  ‘Swiggy’ (aka: Joe ‘Swiggy’ Swigunski) began collaborating with several notable Industry Professionals who were ‘key’ throughout David Bowies career. They are: New York Grammy Award winning Music Producer Mario J Mcnulty, Earl Stick, and Sterling Campbell, featured in the recording of the new four song EP ‘Crimes‘ at The Magic Shop studio in SoHo where Bowie recorded his last album ‘Blackstar’. Mcnulty is not only known for his work with Bowie, but also is the mastermind behind Artists such as Prince, Julian Lennon, and Tony Visconti to name a few. In addition, Swiggy also collaborated with famous drummer Sterling Campbell, (who was also Bowies Drummer) who has worked with Duran Duran, B-52’s, Soul Asylum and Cyndi Lauper. The cherry on the cake was in the addition of Earl Slick (who also worked with Bowie, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Robert Smith). All were included in the production of Swiggy’s newly released (today!) EP. Voila! In addition to support from the above notable ‘Bowie Camp’ professionals,  […]

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