The Fontaines Series No.1

By CA Marshall Photos courtesy of: Hank Fontaine This feature has been strategically a long time in the making. California based (referred to as ‘New-Wop’ band – but we shall get into that later….) ‘The Fontaines’ have been on the Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC) radar since being introduced to their music genius in our December 2015 Artist of the Month competition and I felt that there was no better time than the present to showcase the Brother and Sister duo (Hank and Charlotte) than the present: Spring. Here’s why: The first song I ever listened to by the band that had me at hello was ‘Paul Newman’, which automatically had me envisioning a retro soda shop with couples doing the swing by the jukebox. It was fresh, hip, happening and extremely addictive: everything ‘Spring Fever’ represents. For a lover of fifties/sixties retro tunes this was right up my alley and to be completely honest, there are only two other bands that I have spent more than two consecutive days researching and they are Palaye Royale and New Mayans and here I found myself completely immersed in everything ‘The Fontaines’ for the two day minimum. After listening and observing, I had a sneaking hunch that I was just scratching the surface of ‘The Fontaines’ and it wasn’t until after my interview with Hank that I discovered that this band is on an even deeper level than I had first been impressed upon. Much to my excitement (and original instinct), I am […]

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