(IAM)WARFACE Series No.1


OFFICIAL Starlight Music Chronicles 2016 Artists of the Year: (IAM)WARFACE

By CA Marshall

(IAM)WARFACE is a British Based band who has literally stormed the Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC) scene in the last 12 months: first as our September 2015 Artist of the Month winners, and then once again winning the title as SMC’s 2016 Artist of the Year in the Adult category. What an amazing ride it has been also! Here, for the first time, we are launching their debut among many other prestigious industry peers on the Spotlight. Make no mistake, this is a band who has been truly making themselves known though their astounding visual presence (The classic ‘Warface’ make-up that lead vocalist, Matt Warneford wears for photo shoots and live shows), Exquisite vocals and instrumentation that is ‘Depeche Mode’ worthy with just a touch of Punk Rock finesse (They refer to their genre as Dirty, Avant-Garde Electro Rock), and a social media connection with their fans that is almost unheard of these days: they refuse to have anyone run their social media – fan connection is very important to them.

This is where we originally connected, and it was their song and video ‘You Don’t Love Me’ which tipped the scales: they NEEDED to be in my Artist of the Month competition. I had a good feeling they would sin too! I was right, and in September 2015 they were crowned September 2015 Starlight Music Chronicles Official Artists of the Month. We collaborated on quite a few projects since then including the launch of their epically eerie video ‘Fear The Future’ just before Halloween 2015 exclusive to the SMC Facebook page. This was a very risky move, but now with thousands of views, it is safe to say that it was a successful move.

The band has been busy working on new music and in the early part of this year released their debut EP ‘Say My Name’ on April 20th, 2016 with tracks that we recommend listening to a the loudest decibel that your stereo can go. Legit. This is a top notch quality sound with smashing guitar riffs, drums, keyboard, and vocals that will blow your mind! There is no other way to describe (IAM)WARFACE other than to emulate what the band has on their facebook description: (IAM)WARFACE is an Electro Rock band formed in London in 2015. The band name is a metaphor for their own style of party-fuelled, high-energy music, which they call “dark party rock pop”. (IAM)WARFACE has taken the pop route, while keeping it dangerous mixed with a fusion of 80’s rock-style vocals, abstract bass, moody, layered guitar riffs and heady drum beats, which could be compared to a “finely-tuned acid trip”. (IAMWARFACE has been influenced by Queens of the Stone Age, Zeppelin, Happy Mondays, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Keys, MGMT, and the Beatles. They have played live in gigs across the UK, from Brighton to Scotland, and in the early years, taking in a short tour of North Carolina and playing to crowds of up to 6,000 in 2014.


Here is our *EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW* with Matt Warneford (Lead Vocalist)

July 2016

SMC – Congratulations IAMWARFACE on your win for Starlight Music Chronicles 2016 Artist of the Year (AOY). We would love to know: where were you and what were you doing when you received the news of the win?

Matt – Thank you very much. I’m so chuffed to win Artist of the Year. When I received the news we’d won, I was tucked up all comfy in bed watching Daredevil on Netflix. Obviously I had to pause it and let out a loud ROAR!!!!!!

SMC- As winning AOY, and as mentioned this means free promo on all of our platforms throughout the next year. What kinds of creative ideas would you like to collaborate on with SMC for this?

Matt – It would be cool to maybe have an online diary/blog of all the happenings going on in the IAMWARFACE world. It’d be great to keep everyone in the loop and also We’d be proud to give SMC a lot of exclusives.

SMC – We are going to be on top of all of your latest projects with your music and career for this win. However, what do you think is the most important thing you would like for your fans to see as part of our promotion? Contests? Events?

Matt – I definitely think a few Contests would be great. It’s always good to give something back to our fans.

SMC – Congrats on what sounds like your EPIC performance at the Into The Wild Festival on July 16th! Can you tell us about how the band landed the gig and what the experience was like JUST after being announced on SMC as Artist of the Year?

Matt – Thanks. It was awesome fun indeed. I know the promoter John Wildgoose very well and the festival is his thing. It’s in its 3rd year now and is going from strength to strength. He has very kindly let us play every year since its inception and every year there are new faces and new bands. It’s definitely one of the best festivals I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend. And John is a sweetheart. It was the cherry on the cake after being announced as Artist of the Year. We got a lot of great comments and congratulations from people. Was epic.

SMC – Since your win in September of 2015 for Artist of the Month, there have been a LOT of huge developments for IAMWARFACE, can you catch our readers up to speed?

Matt – Well, there is some very cool developments that are happening at this very moment which unfortunately I can’t comment on until there’s more solid info. Needless to say, things are moving forward and we have interest from a very cool label. All will be revealed. Also, we’re talking to a video director about a couple of vids he wants to shoot later this year. Very exciting stuff.

SMC – This is the first Season of our Artist of the Month competitions and we would like to know what your thoughts are on how this monthly event went for you.

Matt – Winning the second artist of the month contest was such an awesome feeing. Was also very stressful as I had to constantly keep an eye on the act trailing me so closely. It was nail biting stuff. Jerry Hull, you have caused me a few grey hairs.

SMC – There has been a lot of high tension with the competition as we heated up for the AOY event. What are your thoughts on the actions or reactions of fans and your Peers?

Matt – We’re just overwhelmed at the response and amount of votes we had. Unbelievable. I’m humbled.

SMC – It seemed for a while there you were neck and neck with After the Calm for Fan Votes….what are your thoughts on that close call?

Matt – Again, After the Calm have added to the grey hairs and sleepless nights. Luckily my missus is a hair dresser so all good. Hence the blonde. Lol.

SMC – If you were up against any of the Artists in the Teen competition, who would you most like to have challenged with for the win?

Matt – Well that would be Olivia Penalva. Always good to be kept on your toes init.

SMC – We had noticed a lot of great camaraderie among all of the remaining Adult competitors throughout the AOY voting and you had mentioned to us that you would like to give a  huge acknowledgement to Ryan Inglis. Can you tell us what that was all about?

Matt – His sportsmanship was very professional and he’s just a true gent and a good guy. After the Calm also were very professional and accommodating.

SMC – The imagery itself: Photography and Branding for the album and all of your social media is very succinct and cohesive – ethereal almost….can you tell us a little bit about the team you work with and the vision they have for your image?

Matt – At this time, all the branding, artwork, website and logos are done by me. I’m a self taught artist and I’ve always been interested in branding and image. I like progressiveness. To me, it’s good to constantly be moving forward and slowly changing. Gotta keep with the times.

SMC – What is your favorite moment in the last year with your collaborations with SMC?

Matt – It was great fun when we gave SMC the exclusivity of our video for Fear The Future on Halloween.

SMC – We noticed that you, Matt, are doing some fabulous Art pieces for other Artists Social Media/Music. Tell us about that?

Matt – Thank you. Yes, I’ve been getting into designing album art for a few people. It’s just so much fun collaborating and seeing the results. I’ve always had a bit of a fetish for iconic album art. As my style is in the abstract, it’s right up my street.

SMC – Is there anywhere your fellow peers/Artists can contact you to collab on Artwork?

Matt – [email protected] Just send an email and I’ll get right back to you.

SMC – What are your objectives in terms of your career over the next 12 months?

Matt – Again, I can’t talk too much about recent developments , but I think the goal is to release a staggered EP next year to boost the profile and then follow up with a tour. Would be great to come to the USA and Canada.

SMC – Do you have any live dates planned for performances?

Matt – Yes. We are hopefully going on a small tour in November. Possibly 5 dates. All around the south of England. It’s gonna be amazing fun. It’s still not 100% confirmed but I think it’s gonna happen.

SMC – Who would you say is your biggest fan supporter? We saw a few consistent names in your twitter feed while the voting was happening…..who would you like to give acknowledgement to and why?

Matt – Oh Lordy, there isn’t one but quite a few to name…

My girl, Zed obviously. She is a long suffering supporter of mine and my best friend.

My band mate Mr. Louis Matthews who has been there since the inception of this band.

 Mary Jane Holland, MUA, who is an amazing makeup artist and has promoted me with some awesome photo shots.

Elodia Gahan, who also has made videos to promote me.

Hannah Clive, @hannahclive, who has tirelessly been promoting me on Twitter. I finally met her at Into The Wild in the flesh for the first time and she is a true legend and great company, also an amazing singer/songwriter. I see a collaboration coming on. She has just written an awesome review of Into The Wild. http://buff.ly/29WbZMm

Maryanne from NY. She has supported me since day one. A lovely lass.

Mr James Watkinson. @theladynym. What can I say. He’s awesome and a true gent. And funny as fuck to boot. Also a very talented musician. I’m working on a remix for him, which he’ll be pleased to hear, as it’s had to be put on the back burner as I just haven’t had the time to fit it in of late due to other commitments.  Don’t worry James, it’s coming soon. I haven’t forgotten.

Rebecca Singer, @xenakita, who also has been promoting the hell out of me on Twitter. She also did a great interview with me. A lovely lady. https://r8singer.wordpress.com/2016/04/29/iamwarface-is-ready-to-hit-the-big-time/

Dylan Hibbert, @dylansaltslot, who has regularly played Iamwarface on his awesome radio show. He also has a lovely face. You can hear one of his shows here

Chris Watts @chriswatts1965, who has also played a load of Iamwarface on his show @NCCradio.

And obviously you Candice. You have been a light in periods of darkness and a true inspiration and friend.

There are too many others to name here as this interview will be the size of “War And Peace” if I carry on. Sorry if I’ve left anyone out, I’m just so grateful for all the love. You’re all bloody awesome and I hope to meet all of you very soon.

SMC – What are your thoughts on Olivia Penalva as the AOY winners in the TEEN category? Would you ever like to meet up with her one day?

Matt – I think she deserves the accolade. She’s a very talented girl indeed. Sure, it’d be great to hang out and have a beer/s whilst basking in our God-like status of Artist of the Year. A party would have to be had for sure.

SMC – Do you have any music videos planned for the near future? We LOVE Say My Name and Fear The Future. They were very creative!

Matt – Thank you. Yes, they were both very awesome indeed. Say My Name was directed by @willnicholls23. He’s worked with some big names and he’s one talented guy. He also has a big heart.  Fear the Future was directed by Yohan from @kumofilms. He’s also a legend. I think the next one will be a vid for Red Queen. Then, We have a crazy animation idea for Get So High that you won’t believe when you see it.

SMC – How would you say all of this attention has affected your family life? Do you get to spend a lot of time just hanging with the family? What is a ‘Day in the Life’ of IAMWARFACE look like?

Matt – Phew, a day in the life of Matt Warface is like being the Tasmanian Devil. I’m always all over the place, driving, making music, doing DIY, painting, cooking, seeing my mum, being eaten alive by her dogs etc. It never stops.

SMC – Okay, we have a surprise for you and Olivia Penalva along with the Title of 2016 Artist of the Year and all of what it entails with our support for your career in the next year, there is a little something else……we are just finalizing the details now and will make this announcement very soon. Are you excited to find out?

Matt – HELL YEAH!!!! What is it? I hope it’s an all expenses paid trip to Disney Land and then headlining Burning Man festival. One can only hope. (He laughs)

SMC – We will get to that this first week of August when we make our announcement!  that’s all for now! We welcome you as OFFICIAL 2016 Artists of the Year to Starlight Music Chronicles!

Matt – Thank you very much. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

*To view the band’s OFFICIAL SPOT on our website go to the Starlight Music Chronicles 2016 Artist of the Year IAMWARFACE page

*Keep watching for updates monthly to the Starlight Music Chronicles 2016 Artist of the Year IAMWARFACE page!

See our Exclusive Interview with (IAM))WARFACE earlier this year (May 4th, 2016) with Ty Anderson – Ty The Voice Guy on Starlight Music Radio!

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