Luke Potter Series No. 1


Interview by CA Marshall

Artist: Luke Potter 

SMC – Luke it’s always an honor to do an interview with you! How have things been? Catch us up to speed…

Luke – Well it’s been lots of writing and recording. There are so many songs ready to go and I’m pretty psyched about them. I did get a holiday in Tenerife too, which was amazing!

SMC – Let’s get right into it: your new single ‘All The Same‘ sounds like something new for you. It has a really upbeat hip hop sound – what were your influences when you wrote it?

Luke – I wrote it with Marcus and Hjalmar, my great friends from Stockholm who I’d already worked with on ‘Storms’ and ‘Ready Or Not’. We composed and produced ‘All The Same’ in my little home studio in Weston-Super-Mare. It originally started off as just as a groove influenced a bit by Twenty One Pilots. We all thought it was awesome and started crafting the melody and the lyrics. I think the song is about living your life and breaking out of the everyday rules that society gives you. It’s a bit tongue in cheek too and, I hope it’ll make people smile and want to dance as there’s so much serious stuff going on in the world at the moment. We went on to write and record 3 songs during their visit and my next single, ‘Something More’ which will be out early September, is one of them. Oh and we wrote a country song too but that might not make it out to the world ha ha

SMC – We have noticed that you have really taken a stand in your songs with positive self-affirmation messages which have really caught on with your fans. How did that come about?

Luke – I want my music to have meaning both for me but also for people listening to it. Yes, it can be serious but it should try and help people feel better or make them think of others who may need help. For example, I was so proud when ‘Storms’ was used by the suicide prevention charity The Official Top Ten Night in Australia as a theme song for them. The song is pretty personal and was written for someone close to me. It’s about helping friends or anyone who may be struggling with things and letting them know you’ll be there for them – all the way! It is pop music and should be fun too. As I’ve mentioned I really hope ‘All The Same’ will make people smile and want to dance.

SMC – You fans have been consistently growing in numbers and we know that you are constantly connecting with them daily. In what way would you say is the most effective way that you have been able to get the fans’ attention with your music? Social media is a wonderful tool, and sharing links is effective, but what is the communication that you find most effective when, say, launching a new single like ‘All The Same’?

Luke – My followers or Dreamers are awesome! I’m always getting amazing messages of support and they keep me going when this music thing seems so difficult. I’m very lucky! They really get behind new singles and the social media goes mad for a while – it’s pretty exciting.

SMC – What has been the Industry reaction to the song so far?

Luke – It’s early days for the single but all I can do is write and record the best songs I have and produce the best videos we can. I’m always hopeful that if I can keep putting out good things that, eventually, the industry might notice but I can’t let that drive what I do.

SMC – What has been the fan reaction to the song so far?

Luke – It’s been amazing. The song’s a bit different but the reaction has been so positive.

SMC – Last summer, your hit was ‘Do You Love Me? (yet)’ and it was a stunning song! It appears that you are producing more and more music which is slightly, for lack of better words, stepping outside your comfort zone and experimenting with new sounds while still staying consistent to your image. What inspired you to change things up a little?

Luke – I’m lucky to have worked with some awesome co-writers. ‘Do You Love Me (Yet)’ was written with a wonderful writer and producer again in Stockholm called Maria Marcus. I had the basic song idea which was really a fast pop song written in a ‘One Direction’ style. Maria suggested slowing it right down and making it more haunting and it really came together fast. We wrote it and ‘demo’d’ it in 3-4 hours. I loved it so much I went back and recorded the master with her. It’s all about the song for me and I love to do different things. My next single, ‘Something More’ is so different again. And I’m really excited about it, as it’s probably the most personal and ‘stripped back’ thing I’ve done so far.

SMC – How do you feel about the support you have received via media and radio thus far?

Luke – Again it’s difficult but I have stations that really support me and play pretty much everything I produce. But to really crack radio you do need major record company support so I’ll keep trying to build on what I have by producing songs people hopefully want to play!

SMC – It was nice to see our Radio friends at KGUP FM Emerge Radio spinning your tunes! What do you feel is the most valuable thing you have learned by networking with radio industry peers?

Luke – KGUP have played my songs since the beginning. They played ‘Walls’ off my first EP forever and Mikey Jay (KGUP mainman) is great. I wish them all success in getting their station the recognition they deserve and the money to take the next step up! I’ll help in any way I can! As to what I’ve learnt I think it’s about sharing with my followers and friends how great these stations are that support new music. Without them it’d be really, really hard!

SMC – What does the next 3 months look like? You have been spending a lot of time in Sweden….ever plan on moving there one day?

Luke – I have 2 more singles ready to go this year. And I’ll hopefully be going back to Sweden to write some more songs too! Yeah I could honestly live there. Stockholm is beautiful and the people are so friendly and so amazingly musically gifted. I also have a secret project pretty much ready to go but if I tell anyone about it I’ll have to shoot him or her haha. More about that early September but it’s really exciting! And I’ve got a few shows in the calendar too that I need to add to my social media. All UK I’m afraid but I’d love to travel and play if anyone out there want to invite me (and pay for my travel ;))


SMC – Your colleague and tutor Ryan Inglis was in our Artist of the Year competition and we happen to think his music is also fabulous – how has he influenced your music?

Luke – Ryan has always been so supportive ever since I started playing. He’s an absolutely awesome musician and writer and me and my family love the guy! He deserves success and I think his move to Germany will hopefully give him it. Our music styles are quite different but we have written something together that turned out pretty good and I hope we can get to record it sometime. Hoping to visit him in Munich sometime soon.

SMC – Who is the creative team behind the creation of your videos? We are still hung up on last Halloween’s release of ‘Ready Or Not’! It was fantastic! Can you tell us a little bit about your team and the creative concepts behind these productions?

Luke- Most of my videos have been filmed with Corry Raymond and, more recently, with him and his new partner John Pickard. It’s a real team effort with ideas and storylines coming from any of the team. I love making videos and I’d like to think that my acting is getting better all the time too. Not a Plan B yet haha! John and Corry even got me dancing in the new video and that’s not something I’d ever thought I’d do. But it felt comfortable and the guys are great at giving me that confidence! A young guy, Ross Dixon, filmed the ‘Ready Or Not’ video. He’s an amazing young Director and it was really great fun playing Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter. Friends and family played all the characters. For example, my Uncle Andy played Chewbacca and he lost so much weight wearing that costume for hours on end. It was all filmed at my parents’ home and it really did resemble a film set! Ross has also directed my next video and it’s being edited at the moment. I haven’t seen anything yet but I think it’s going to be groundbreaking. Excited!

SMC – If you could give us a run-through of a ‘day in the life of Luke’ how would that go down?

Luke – So it’s gym first thing for an hour or two. I follow this with singing exercises and then play a few songs through the PA to really loosen up. Then I might try writing and working on new ideas. I have a home studio and lots of ‘toys’ and equipment that allows me to produce song demos. It’s something I’m getting better on and, aside from guitars, I get to play piano and work out string arrangements, drum patterns and more! I love the creative process! I spend time with my family; maybe do some Skype meetings and answering interviews. Oh and I spend a lot of time interacting on social media. I really do try to answer everyone and put interesting things out there. More rehearsal and jamming with friends who come over to play is quite a regular thing! As a solo artist it can be fun playing with drums and bass and other instrumentation. I spend time with Kelsey, my girlfriend. She’s launching a site for her photography and it’s great helping her with this. And my friends are really important to me and we spend evenings talking, sometimes playing on the Xbox and so on. And we all watch NBA when the season is happening and stay up to ridiculous hours because of the time differences. I should go out and play more and that really is something I’m going to be doing (after September). Please look out for news!

SMC – Final question: What is the one thing your fans don’t know that you would like to share with them? Surprise us

Luke – So, I went to watch The Goo Goo Dolls a couple of years ago play at the legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles. I stood right at the front and Johnny Rzeznik handed me his acoustic guitar. I was so happy only for his roadie to come and take it back off me at the end of the set! I think a lot of people saw it and it got some pretty major coverage about how a Goo Goo Dolls fan was ripped off. And that person was me!

Finally, I’d just like to thank you, Candice and Starlight Music Chronicles, for your amazing support. It really does mean a lot! xx

SMC – You are most welcome Luke! It is always a pleasure chatting with you! We can’t wait for more!



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