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Being that this is a feature article/interview featuring a brand new indie band on our Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC) Spotlight, it was important to ensure that this would be a band that could come in with a bang and leave a lasting impression. That band is Vancouver based ‘Little Crow’, an Alternative Rock duo comprised of Lead vocalist Emily Seal and her partner Kas Baker.

I recently had the opportunity of hearing their song ‘Devil In Disguise’ which launched October 6th 2016 to iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and YouTube and I knew immediately we needed to ‘Spotlight’ this dynamic team. The song is an anguish-y love ballad drenched with Seal’s soft, lilting vocals combined with supporting instrumentation that lends power and depth. This is a band whose initial impact in the music community will (and has already) resurrect a personal connection to it’s listeners through it’s haunting and romantic vibe. This is a team whose presentation from first conception earlier this year to final presentation evokes every emotion possible and I believe, is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come.

Here is our exclusive interview with the band:


‘Little Crow’ – October 10th, 2016

SMC – Hello Little Crow! Welcome to the Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC) Spotlight. We are very excited to be hosting you on our Spotlight! Can you please let us know a little bit about your background and how ‘Little Crow’ came to be?

KB – Hello, thank you for having us! I started out Rock, whereas Em started out in Country music. I met Em after she moved to Vancouver and was captivated by her song writing. We each had our own separate projects on the go, but eventually started jamming for the fun of it. After a few solid jam sessions, we realized that we had an interesting sound and chemistry together. As my project ended we collaborated more often and started feeling out idea of starting a project together.

SMC – You literally just launched your new single ‘Devil In Disguise’ (October 6th, 2016) and it is FABULOUS! We anticipated this release for some time as we saw the build up on your social media facebook page for the band. Can you tell us the story behind the lyrics/song?

EM: We often write songs about love and loss, pulling from our own experiences. Devil In Disguise is exactly that. To sum up this song, we would say that it is about an unhealthy relationship where you start to realize the person is stringing you along, and maybe doesn’t have your best interest at heart.  However, we hope that our listeners will pull their own meanings from our songs.

SMC – Your branding is very consistent as well. Do you do your own?

ES – Thank you! Yes, we do. From the start we wanted to make sure that what we were creating was very true to who we are and that our brand identity kept in tune with that. Kas creates everything for our visual branding himself. From our logo and graphics to merch designs. We’ve also been very fortunate to work with some amazing people. Dallas Kolotylo Photography did our first photoshoot and really captured the essence of the project.  We’ve also been very lucky to have Lisa Seal design and maintain our website for us.

SMC – Recently you two became engaged. Where did you meet?

ES – We met through a mutual friend in Vancouver. We actually met a year later than we were originally suppose to meet. Kas came over to set up our couch and there was this instant connection. We were inseparable ever since.

SMC – How do you feel about the music scene in Vancouver Em? I know you originate from the Edmonton area (I how we met) and I am curious to see what your thoughts are…

ES: I have found it to be really interesting! It is filled to the brim with different genres and people. There is a lot of room for opportunity and personal growth. I can honestly say that I have learned so much about not only myself, but my music since my transition here. There is more than what meets the eye in this city, which is what we love about it.

SMC – Em you have gone from somewhat of a country sound to a different genre (Alternative) altogether. Has this always been something you have wanted to delve into?

ES: I found that over time my sound was definitely developing into a bit more of an Indie sound. When I moved over to Vancouver, it was kind of the perfect time to experiment and challenge myself with something new. I have always been a huge fan of Indie music and have always pulled a lot of influence from bands like Daughter. Once Kas and I began writing together, everything just sort of clicked. 

SMC – Kas, let’s learn a little bit more about your background – can you tell us about your career experiences?

KB: I’ve always loved and connected with music of all genres. I feel like I was a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to playing. I picked up guitar mid-way through high school and played in a band but it wasn’t until afterwards that I really found a passion in performing and playing guitar. I carried on to form a couple other bands, predominantly hard rock music, and did so for a number of years. I developed a fascination for the business side of music and pursued post secondary at Nimbus School of Recording Arts for their music business program. I went on to do a little bit of everything from social media to managing.

SMC – Is there an album in the works?

KB – We’ve got a 4 song EP which we’ve been putting together over this past year with Paul Boechler at Fader Mountain Studios. We hope to move toward a full length album sometime next year.

SMC – We always want to know what is behind the music – what is your muse?

EM: I don’t know if we exactly have a muse, however we’ve always found writing and music a form of therapy. There is a sense of ease and clarity after you’ve written a song. A lot of times you get out thoughts and feelings on the page that you didn’t even know you had.

SMC – How long did it take from original concept to this moment to conceive ‘Little Crow’?

KB: Little crow really started after we wrote Devil in Disguise mid summer 2015. This past year and bit has been focused on fine tuning our sound, our branding and making sure we have everything ready for our first release.

SMC – We are always wanting to discover and promote new Indie Music to the rest of the world and are pretty connected within the Music Industry. How do you feel being up on our Spotlight to some of the other big names we have supported in the past?

ES: We are so overwhelmed with how much traction our first single has gotten. It feels absolutely fantastic to have the opportunity to share our music on Starlight Music Chronicles. We are really grateful to be able to not only share our music but also get to share with the listeners a little bit about ourselves.

SMC – This is a big moment for ‘Little Crow’ as far as music goes – to date we have seen some awesome covers on music videos on your website! Is there already a music video in the works for ‘Devil In Disguise’?

KB – At this time we do not have any plans for a music video for Devil In Disguise. We are definitely looking forward to exploring that avenue for our music in the future though. 

SMC – What has been the industry response so far to the band?

ES: After doing a year of preparation we haven’t had much opportunity to share our band just yet. Now that we have our first release out, one of our biggest objectives will be to introduce ourselves to the industry and get as much feedback as we can.

SMC – Do you feel that connecting to your fans on Social Media is important to do on a personal level?

ES – Yes most definitely. For us, our music is by no means a mask. So it’s very important for us to be honest with our listeners. Not only through our music but also on social media.

SMC – We saw recently you were in London – Ontario or England? What was that for?

KB – We were in London, England! The trip was ultimately a mix of personal adventures in London and family reunion in northern England. My father’s side of the family is the UK. That being said I did have my guitar strapped to my back. While in London we played an open mic at The Spice of Life in Soho & also spent half a day at The Joint Rehearsal Studio practicing and writing. For the remainder of the trip we were able to do a lot of song writing in this stunning 300-year-old mansion hidden away in the countryside up in Lake District.

SMC – What has been you best (experience) show to date?

ES: It would have to be our very first show. We played at the Biltmore, in November, 2015. We had only released a couple of covers at this point, and were still trying to build our brand. It was incredible the amount of support from not only friends, and family, but people that had heard our music in passing. We got to play some covers and some originals, giving us the chance to introduce our music to the people around us. It was the ultimate high.

SMC – What has been the most memorable fan experience to date?

KB: The release of ‘Devil In Disguise’ really takes the cake for most memorable fan experience to date. We weren’t expecting much of a response with this being our very first single, but it has been absolutely incredible to see that people are sharing it, and connecting with it so much.

SMC – What does it look like for the next six months for the band as far as live performance, career strategy, etc.?

KB: On November 6th we will be having our EP release at Vancouver’s Guilt & Co. Post release, we have ambitions to play as many live shows as we can, tour, and reach out to music festivals, all the while developing our craft.

SMC – Can you tell us a typical ‘day in the life’ of Little Crow?

KB – Em and I both have pretty demanding day time jobs. I am a site supervisor for a construction company and Em work’s in customer service at Lululemon. Our days start early and end late. Once we get home from our day jobs we’re in our home studio practicing, writing or planning.

SMC – What instruments do you both play?

KB – My main instrument is without a doubt guitar, I do also play bass and ukulele. I love to play around with different instruments, drums being one that I am teaching myself right now.

ES – I’ve been playing guitar for a while and I am looking forward to taking advantage of our home studio to learn more instruments this year!

SMC – Can you tell us about your song writing process?

ES – Well it usually starts with a glass of wine (haha). I think that our song writing process is always varying. We’ve had songs that have taken weeks to write whereas others have come together in the span of 20min. It tends to be a very organic process though. Sometimes it starts with something small that I hear Kas playing or a line that I get caught in my mind. If it strikes a feeling, brings out an emotion, we expand on it.

SMC – Aside from music, what is your most favorite thing to do – this can be a hobby or past time…

ES: We are both really interested in different areas of health and fitness, as well as to try new food. We both really love food, and it helps that Kas is an insanely good cook!

SMC – Okay, last question: We always like to ask this as each Artist has a different answer every time – What advice would you give to new Artists entering into a Music Career?

ES – Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Simple as that. It’s what makes your music special.

KB – Never give up & don’t rush the work. As an Indie band having to figure out every aspect of building your brand, your presence and your music and then actually doing it can be daunting. Don’t let setbacks derail you. When it gets overwhelming take a step back to breathe. As for the second part, I think instinctively we always want to make things happen as soon as possible. The most valuable thing we ever did for ourselves was take our first year to lay down our groundwork and move forward piece by piece so that when the time comes you’re not playing catch-up



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