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Canada has a new reigning Country Music Queen and she resides deep in the heart of Nashville. Ontario-born Meghan Patrick is her name and she is proof that Canada can ‘bring it’ to the country music industry in terms of originality, creativity and exceptional talent. The latest video release from her album Grace and Grit, ‘Be Country With Me’(see below), is a deeply romantic return to this songbirds’ roots and intense love for the lush Countryside. No doubt, with lyrics like ‘Baby let’s take a ride, down to the countryside, where crickets sing a lullaby and make it our song and leave behind the city lights’…sung so sweetly and with depth, who would not want to imagine themselves being swept away to the countryside? The lyrics are solid in this one supported by profound, unique vocals that cannot be compared to anyone in Country Music History.

We interviewed Patrick last summer when her album was just about to launch and we predicted then that this was just the beginning of the trail she would blaze in Country Music. Since, she has relocated to Nashville, and just recently completed another album which we anticipate will take this lovely nightingale to superstar status. She was recently asked to perform live with Keith Urban on Canada Day onstage at the Timmins, Ontario “Stars and Thunder” International Fireworks Competition & Music Festival for a duet of his hit single “We Were Us.” (see press release below our interview). We are not surprised in the least: Patrick is unique and incomparable and that is just what will make her remembered in the Country Music hall of fame history right up there with the likes of Shania Twain, Terri Clark, and Beverley Mahood.

Recently, we caught up with Patrick in a phone interview just prior to a show and here’s what she had to say:

Photo Courtesy: Warner Music Canada

SMC Exclusive Interview | Meghan Patrick | July 5th, 2017

SMC – Hi Meghan! Let’s get right into this – Congratulations first of all on your CMAOntario Awards!

Meghan – Thank you!

SMC – I’m looking at a photo of you with all of these (awards) and it looks like you have your hands full! (laughs) What was your reaction?

Meghan – It was pretty overwhelming. I just kept trying to remind myself to just live in the moment and enjoy it.

SMC – I saw your fourth of July post – have you moved to Nashville now?

Meghan – Yes, I’m living here full-time now.

SMC – Good for you!

Meghan – Yeah, it’s great. It’s the place to be for me.

SMC – And you brought your dog of course?

Meghan – Yes of Course! She’s my girl!

SMC – What do you have plans for in the next three to six months now that you are in Nashville?

Meghan – Well right now, my time is pretty occupied. I am really only here during the week because I have a lot of festivals going on. (see tour list below with press release) Most weekends I’m flying in to festivals. When I am here, I’m either sleeping or writing (laughs). I just got out of the studio with my new record so I’m finished recording. We’re working on mixes right now so I have some new music coming soon which I’m very excited about.

SMC – Yeah, that is exciting!

Meghan – Yeah! Other than that, I’m just going to keep writing and playing my festivals this summer.

SMC – Which festivals are you performing in this summer?

Meghan – I will be in Kingston next weekend playing with Rascal Flatts and Aaron Pritchett. There’s a bunch, I don’t know them all off the top of my head but they are on my website if anyone wants to find out.

SMC – Wonderful. We will definitely check it out and post it with this interview. I know you have been to Nashville many times, but what is your experience actually living there now?

Meghan – I love that I’m surrounded by creative people, Musicians, just everything… life here revolves around music which I love.

SMC – True! Now, you mentioned new music…when can we expect that to be released?

Meghan – We haven’t set a released date as of yet, but I can say that we will have something out (whether it’s the album or a single) by the end of the year.

SMC – ‘Be Country With Me’ is absolutely stunning. I fell in love with it.

Meghan – Thank you so much!

SMC – I can really feel that you put a lot of heart into that song. It brings me to my roots here in Alberta and growing up in the country. What was the premise for it when writing the song?

Meghan – It was the idea of introducing someone who doesn’t really know much about the country or living out there. It’s like kind of introducing them with the thought of ‘This is where I’m from and this is why I love it and if you just give it a chance, you’re going to love it too.’ I think there’s a lot about being out in the country that’s very romantic, so it’s a very romantic song. It just feels good to sing it.

SMC – The video is astounding. Who can you credit to your team for the making of it?

Meghan – The Edde Brothers. We filmed that in Nashville – they produced and directed it. They were great – it was a really fun day.

SMC – Just touching briefly again on your new album – ‘Be Country With Me’ – can we expect a lot of the same kind of tone throughout the new music?

Meghan – Yes. I definitely think that sonically and musically speaking, a lot of the new stuff will be similar to that. You’re going to hear some new sounds and deeper into things…it’s not a huge departure from what I was doing on the first album. I just think I’ve grown a lot as a writer and an Artist. I’m excited to see what people think about it.

SMC – I can see that too. Even from the last time we interviewed which was about a year ago, I can see the evolvement. You’ve definitely gone a ‘step up’. What kind of feedback have you gotten from your peers in terms of that?

Meghan – It’s been great because the songs on the record that I had hoped the audience would love were the ones that the audience really took to. One of the best complements that I have gotten is that ‘there’s nobody out there that sounds like you right now. You’re doing something different and something unique’. That’s been really important to me because I’m always true to myself and to know that other people recognize what I’m doing – that’s great!

Photo Courtesy: Warner Music Canada

SMC – Someone had asked me the other day what you’re like and I said, ‘She’s our new Shania Twain!’

Meghan – I’ll take that! (laughs)

SMC – I am really proud to say that it’s nice to see something new in Nashville from Canada….we are all super proud of you here.

Meghan – Awe thank you, I appreciate that.

SMC – Do we have any duets coming up on the new album?

Meghan – Nothing like that on this album. It didn’t work out that way but I’m sure there will be in the future.

SMC – Speaking of duets…I received a photo of you from your management team of you with Keith Urban. What was that experience like for you (performing live with Keith)?

Meghan – It was amazing. He is a super inspiring and talented Artist. It was a great crowd, it was Canada Day, so…it was awesome!

SMC – So Keith was one of the Artists participating in the Canada 150 event?

Meghan – Yeah – I was the opening Artist with Johnny Reid and Keith Urban. I was asked prior to the event to do a duet with him.

SMC – So who has been the most memorable duet live performance for you?

Meghan – That would be it for me.

SMC – In terms of tour, are you looking at opening for others or headlining?

Meghan – Well, I’d love to be an opening act on some bigger tours but eventually I’d like to headline my own tour.

SMC – Well I honestly see you headlining fairly quickly…

Meghan – Well, thank you.

SMC – Are you looking at touring mainly in the states or will there be some dates up here in Canada too?

Meghan – I’m going to be doing a little bit of both. I’m actually just doing a show in Georgia tonight so I’ll have to get going for that but yes, there is a little bit of both.

SMC – Can you tell us a few things about yourself that no one else really knows?

Meghan – Well I am ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of girl…I can’t really think off the top of my head…I’m pretty open on what I’m about really….

SMC – Well thank you for your time girl, I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat!

Meghan – No problem! Thank you!


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Meghan Patrick & Keith Urban at the Timmins “Stars and Thunder” International Fireworks Competition & Music Festival
Photo Courtesy: Warner Music Canada

Warner Music Canada Press Release | July 4th, 2017

July 4, 2017 – Warner Music Recording artist Meghan Patrick celebrated Canada Day by joining country superstar Keith Urban on stage at the Timmins “Stars and Thunder” International Fireworks Competition & Music Festival for a duet of his hit single “We Were Us.”  Meghan was personally invited by Urban to perform Miranda Lambert’s part of the hit song. Earlier in the day, she warmed up the crowd with a string of her own hits. Fans who missed the performance can check out a video shot from the side of the stage (see below).

Of the opportunity to perform with Urban, Meghan Patrick says “It was one of those perfect moments. Keith was so kind and down to earth, and to be able sing such a great song with him in front of 25,000 people on Canada Day as the sun set was about as good as it gets!”

In addition to the big performance in Timmins, Meghan also performed to festival crowds in London and Dauphin this holiday weekend.  She will spend the rest of the summer continuing her run of Canadian festival performances.   Please see below for a full list of tour dates, or keep up with all things Meghan Patrick by following her on TwitterInstagram and Facebook, and YouTube.

Meghan Patrick Tour Dates

July 14, 2017 Craven, SK Country Thunder Music Festival
July 15, 2017 Calgary, AB Nashville North
July 22, 2017 Haldimand, ON Hagersville Rocks Music Festival
August 11 2017 Little Current ON Manitoulin Country Fest
August 19 2017 Havelock On Havelock Country Jamboree
August 20 2017 Toronto On CNE
August 24 2017 Lucknow On Lucknow Country Fest
Photo Courtesy: Warner Music Canada

Meghan Patrick Bio

Born and raised in Bowmanville, Ontario, Meghan Patrick has dedicated her entire life to music, wanting it to be more than just a passion. “I was drawn to playing guitar so I could start writing music to go along with the words I was writing. I wanted to be self-sufficient as a creative artist.”  It wasn’t long until Meghan had mastered both electric and acoustic guitar as well as the banjo.

Prior to setting out as a solo artist, Meghan was the lead singer of the popular roots act The Stone Sparrows. A newgrass/bluegrass band, The Stone Sparrows released an EP and a full-length album before the members parted ways amicably in 2013 after playing their second Boots and Hearts Festival.

Meghan has quickly made a name for herself since signing to Warner Music Canada.  She has recently signed a publishing deal with Olé Nashville.  Her debut album, Grace and Grit is set to be on April 29th.  To make this album, Meghan traveled to a number of studios in Canada and America, including the capital city of country music, Nashville.  On the way, she worked with producers Justin Niebank (Vince Gill, LeAnn Rimes), Vince Gill, Chris Baseford (Nickelback, Avril Lavigne) and Carly McKillip.  To add even more star power to her debut Meghan brought in a few more big names, including multiple Grammy nominee Joe Nichols who duets with her on “Still Loving You,” and fellow Canadian Chad Kroeger, who co-wrote and produced her forthcoming debut single “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” along with several other cuts on the album.

In addition to Kroeger, Grace and Grit features an impressive list of co-writers, which includes Rodney Clawson (CMA Songwriter of the Year, ACM Song of the Year and Grammy Nominated), Gord Bamford, Chantal Kreviazuk, Marty Dodson, Patricia Conroy, Bruce Wallace, Buddy Owen, Steve Smith, Anthony Anderson, Phil Barton, Phil O’Donnell and Andrew Allan.  What’s more, superstar engineer Justin Niebank, who has mixed for the likes of Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Hunter Hayes has mixed the entire record.

The songs Meghan writes are about real-life situations and are both personal and autobiographical. They are story songs, but they are her stories which infuse the material with an authenticity and sincerity that is palpable.

“I have to feel connected to the music, especially when I am playing live. The emotions I write about are real and audiences know when you are being true to yourself. Performing my own music and forming a bond with my audience is what I do this for. And that’s the most enjoyable thing in the world.”


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