The Fontaines Series No.2

by CA Marshall Bing! I get this message the other day in my inbox and upon checking, I see that Hank Fontaine, one half of the dynamic ‘du-wop’ duo, The Fontaines, from Los Angeles, California, is inquiring about whether or not I have heard their new album yet. (of COURSE I have, they are The Fontaines!) ‘Do you think you will do a review?’ he asked. I smile to myself and respond, ‘Don’t worry dear, I was already on it!’ It would be amiss if I weren’t to follow up the epic ‘numbered series’ we have posted on several of our top Indie Artists over the last year and The Fontaines have certainly earned this spot simply, well, by being The Fontaines. Sounds like a pretty confident statement doesn’t it? But it isn’t just the hard work (back to back albums have been recorded!) this quartet band impresses upon us (Hank & Charlotte Fontaine – brother and sister, accompanied with Daniel Zuker on bass, and Chrystian Kaplan on drums), it is the fact that the sound on their new four song EP ‘ii’ (released June 24th, 2016) is demonstration of both epic vocal ability (Charlotte can certainly belt out those lovely gravelly-yet-delicate chords!), and instrumentation that is guaranteed to lighten the heart, brighten the mood, and put a soulful swing in your step all while bringing a serious ‘new’ sound to our ears. Based on the last interview I had with Hank (see here – The Fontaines Series No.1) where it was indicated that the ‘new […]

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