The Fontaines | SPOTLIGHT Series No.4 | ‘Two Bodies’ Exclusive Interview

In February 2017, Los Angeles-based Iconic Band ‘The Fontaines’ dropped their single ‘Evaporate’ on iTunes and are once again waking up the Music Industry demonstrating their incredible talent and consistently accelerating career toward the next level of fabulous. In fact, this is a band whose notoriety has been duly noted by the ‘who’s who’ in the industry such as Famous Radio Hosts Rodney Bingenheimer (KROQ – Rodney on the Roq in Los Angeles) and Mike Rogers (WhatTheFunday Inter FM Radio in Japan). The Fontaines had their (unreleased yet – we are waiting!) upcoming new single ‘Mercury’ spun on Bingenheimers’ last show ever on June 5th alongside the likes of Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Bangles, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Moon Kids (another SMC fave), Elvis Costello, Van Halen, and Blondie. Bingenheimer is the legend responsible for discovering and spinning many of these bands (including Bowie!) in the early stages of their careers so THAT’S our indication of just how cool these cats are. See why we call them Iconic?

Today, the band has released their newest single ‘Two Bodies’ to iTunes following the succession of their single ‘Vacant’ (April 2017, reviewed on The Chronicles here) just in time for summer. The song is yet another result of this bands’ ability to create something we all want to hear 365 days of the year and can be summed up in one word: Extraordinary. Let’s break that down to the effervescent sexy, seductive, and lilting vocals of Charlotte Fontaine who carries off lyrics that are equally as suggestive and powerful ‘Two bodies in motion…’. This wickedly talented frontwoman of the band has a style that has engraved The Fontaines’ sound into music history and into the hands of iconic radio and media platforms worldwide. In fact, the bands’ website goes by the address, a truly unique sound created with the epic guitar riffs of Hank Fontaine and Daniel Zuker (Bassist) complete with a beat that makes you move your feet by Drummer Chrystian Kaplan.

We are always awaiting the release of new music, and it looks like the wait will be not much longer – their upcoming single ‘Mercury’ will launch by the end of summer 2017. Following the successful launch of last Junes ‘ii’ EP and with the hint of a new full-length album on the horizon, we can’t wait! Even if your first listen of this iconic band is today, prepare yourself for something one of a kind and completely addictive also known as: The Fontaines.

We took a moment to chat with Charlotte Fontaine in an exclusive interview below:

SMC SPOTLIGHT! Exclusive Interview | The Fontaines ‘Two Bodies’ June 6th, 2017

SMC – Here we are again with another Numbered Series on our SMC SPOTLIGHT platform. This is number four for The Fontaines! Can you tell us what your connection to SMC and your experience to date with our media platform?

Charlotte – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again-Candice’s support of our music has been incredible and so encouraging. It’s because of people like Candice that I continue making music.

SMC – We were so thrilled to see you on the roster for the great Rodney Bingenheimer’s last show on KROQ (Los Angeles). So many legends have been on his show – can you tell us how you met with Rodney and what your thoughts are on ‘The Mayor of the Sunset Strip’?

Charlotte – Rodney’s a legend! I can’t believe he played us twice on his final KROQ show. What an absolute honor.

SMC – If you could give a shout-out to Rodney here, what would you like to say?

Charlotte – Thank you for playing us and for the sugar free cookies.

SMC – When can we expect to see your single ‘Mercury’ (as played on Rodney Bingeheimers last show on KROQ) hit iTunes? I am already wanting it on my playlist! (laughs)

Charlotte – Mercury’s gonna be released by the end of the summer!

SMC – Now let’s get into some discussion on your single ‘Two Bodies’ released today: I see that there seems to be a trend with the releases and I recall the last time we spoke, that another album was imminent…will ‘Vacant’, ‘Evaporate’, and now ‘Two Bodies’ be on the album?

Charlotte – We actually will be putting out two EP’s that were recorded a while ago that do not include any of these new singles.

SMC – One thing I have learned about The Fontaines is that you are never predictable. Can you tell us what kind of feedback you have received from industry peers in terms of your individuality as a band?

Charlotte – Thank you! I think that unpredictability is a sign of growing, which is all I ever want to be doing as a musician and as a person.

SMC – That was so nice to see you had included Rodney in your ‘Two Bodies’ video! Speaking of the video (and all your videos for that matter), can you tell us what the inspiration is behind this video?

Charlotte – The biggest inspiration for our “Two Bodies” video was a lack of budget! We shot it in a warehouse that’s being converted to our friend Zach’s new recording studio (Big Bad Sound LA), and on Hank’s iPhone. I love how dramatic the video turned out.

SMC – I have also noticed a trend on your YouTube channel: the ‘Trashy Version’ of your upcoming releases. I had a chuckle when I saw that. Can you tell us what the trend is there in giving these videos that title?

Charlotte – We decided to shoot some acoustic type performances one day but our camera guy bailed last minute. So, I took out my iPhone and started shooting us selfie-style. Thus began the “trashy” series.

SMC – I have mentioned before that I feel your music and brand speaks for itself. Some of the greatest Musicians really don’t have to sell themselves short or be aggressive and pushy with their Music. What are your thoughts on that?

Charlotte – Living in LA gives you the opportunity to perform any night of the week, for entirely different groups of people. Plus, you can go to Canter’s deli and meet Rodney Bingenheimer.

SMC – What are your thoughts on the kind of music that comes from the east coast – is there a bit of a different vibe that westerners create in their music as opposed to what is produced in the east?

Charlotte – I honestly haven’t experienced their music scene half as much as the one here on the west coast, so I can’t quite say.

SMC – Since we last spoke, ‘Evaporate’ was the topic for discussion. You have also released ‘Vacant’, a brilliant song! Can you tell me what was the inspiration behind this song? Was it a personal experience?

Charlotte – “Vacant” is about creepy guys at the bar who you can tell a million times “I’m not interested” or “I have a boyfriend” or “I’m married to my cat” and they’ll still keep pursuing you.

SMC – The video for ‘Vacant’ was pretty on point. (laughs) On a serious note: whose idea was it for the theme?

Charlotte – The girl featured in the video, our friend Fiona, actually directed it and came up with the entire concept. I think her work is brilliant and so unique.

SMC – When it comes to the creation of your music, do you find that you all have that ‘ah-ha’ moment when you begin to produce and record it?

Charlotte – With every song there’s either an “a-ha” moment or a “this is awful! we gotta drop this!” moment. Funny thing is when two different people experience different ones with the same song…

SMC – We are looking at doing a Social Media takeover for SMC in the near future. You are SMC Royalty in our opinion and want to have you hosted on our Social Media for a full day. Tell us of the kind of creative things you would like to do if we are able to facilitate this?

Charlotte – Royalty! I can’t wait to tell our mom we’re royalty. We’d love to take over the social media for starlight for a day!

SMC – Can you tell us what other cool gigs you have coming up for the summer months?

Charlotte – We’re playing a festival in August called “Musikfest” in Bethlehem, PA, and we’re booking some east coast shows around that!

SMC – You also released another video to your YouTube channel last week ‘F Buddy Holly (Voice Memo)’ which is soooo pleasing to the ears. Can you tell us if this song will also be included on the new album?

Charlotte – ‘F Buddy Holly’ was just a voice memo we recorded onto my phone one random day last year with our friend Scott from the band Street Joy, so we just put it up on YouTube for fun.

SMC – Can you tell me a little bit about the title of the song and what it means ‘F Buddy Holly’?

Charlotte – “F Buddy Holly” was just us censoring ourselves. It’s just a pun. I recall listening to a lot of Buddy Holly that day. But that’s me every day…

SMC –Ha ha! I thought as much. I really like that you have registered your social media and website as ‘That Fontaine’s Sound’, yet another unique little nuance we have come to know and love. What do you think are some of the most important things a band can do for themselves in terms of brand awareness and marketing their sound?

Charlotte – Biggest advice I have is to come up with a band name and spell it in the most unusual way possible… the amount of trouble we and friends of ours have gone through with other people under the same name…

SMC – Can you tell us who your go-to is in terms of Media platforms and collaborations in getting your new music out?

Charlotte – Right now I’m on a YouTube kick. I’m posting vlogs of our everyday life on their once a week as well as releasing new songs or “trashy versions” of songs on there.

SMC – Where do you think the music world is headed in terms of Radio? Many are saying that Spotify playlists are the way of the future. You have been listed on our Playlists ‘SMC SPOTLIGHT ARTISTS’ and ‘SMC EDITORS FAVORITES’. I also see that you have close to 18,000 monthly listeners! What do you think the benefits are for being placed in Spotify playlists?

Charlotte – Spotify has been incredible for us. At one point when “Evaporate” first came out we had 37,000 monthly listeners… Their playlists are just a convenient way for people to hear new music, all of my friends go there for new tunes.

SMC – How long have you been on Spotify?

Charlotte- Probably about a year?

SMC – We are really beginning to push our Spotify playlists for the Artists that we support and are quite happy with the response we have gotten from industry peers. We are even thinking of compiling a Christmas playlist as well in the month of November. What do you feel the public wants in terms of a great playlist?

Charlotte – The public probably wants what I want from a playlist-high energy, then maybe some slow jams, and a build back up to some fun hits at the end!

SMC – Finish this sentence: If I were not a part of The Fontaines, I would be ______________.

Charlotte – If I weren’t part of The Fontaines I would…still be going to Fontaines shows (winks).


Band Members

Charlotte Fontaine (Vocalist)

Hank Fontaine (Backup Vocalist, Guitarist)

Daniel Zuker (Bassist)

Chrystian Kaplan (Drummer)


The Fontaines are a brother-sister duo based in Los Angeles, California.  Charlotte Fontaine (vocals) and Hank Fontaine (guitar) began writing new-wave influenced rock songs after growing up all over the world as kids.  The siblings are backed by Chrystian Kaplan (drums) and Daniel Zuker (bass) live and in the studio.

In 2016 The Fontaines performed at music festivals including Savannah Stopover, Canadian Music Week, Broke LA, and Make Music Pasadena.  In June, the band released their new EP, “ii,” which has gotten airplay on KROQ in Los Angeles.  The band is currently finishing up their debut full-length album, set for release in 2017.

The Fontaines Social Media Links (click to view)









The Fontaines | SPOTLIGHT Series No.3

The Fontaines | Exclusive Spotlight Interview

February 16th, 2017

By Candice Anne Marshall

There are some Artists that have fallen into our SMC Spotlight ‘Numbered Series’ category for their exceptional talent and Los Angeles based band The Fontaines have certainly earned this prestige. Since my first interview with the band (The Fontaines Series No.1) in 2015, they have remained consistent with the timing of their releases and the quality tracks that remain unique and iconic. When we reviewed The Fontaines stellar new four song EP ‘ii’, it became apparent that this was a band that needed to be followed in a Numbered Series on our Spotlight (See The Fontaines Series No. 2).

On February 8th, 2017, the band released their newest single ‘Evaporate’. A disco-style song oozing with the delicate punch-drunk love vocals of leading lady Charlotte Fontaine. I’m certain that this is a song being spun by notable Radio stations such as the famous Rodney Bingenheimer’s ‘Rodney On The Roq’ KROQ FM radio for its Studio 54 quality: epic and unforgettable! The beat is exquisite with vintage sounding instrumentation reflective of the days even I would go to the roller rink. The lyrics and vocals are sexy, fun and, I predict, the song will be a global 2017 Summer hit. If you are wanting to discover a new sound, tap into ‘Evaporate’ and let the soulful funky groove take over – just make sure you’re near a dance floor because after hearing the first few chords, I guarantee you won’t be sitting!

We have added The Fontaines’ new single ‘Evaporate’ to our SMC Spotlight Artists Spotify playlist and we look forward to hearing more as the band edges towards their next EP release! Catch the video for the single below and be sure to sample the bands complete music library on their SoundCloud as well.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Charlotte Fontaine for an exclusive interview recently. Here’s what she had to say:

SMC – We are THRILLED to have you on our Spotlight once again! This time we are going to be chatting about your new song ‘Evaporate’ that was recently launched. WOW! You guys keep getting better and better! Can you tell us about the kind of traction you’ve received from media responses to the new song?

CF – We’ve been getting such great feedback for “Evaporate”. Just yesterday we were named one of Tidal’s “Rising Artists To Watch” and they shared the track.

SMC – I fell in love with the two of you since the first day I heard your sound. It’s very unique! This new stuff has a nice, almost disco beat to it. Who wrote ‘Evaporate’?

CF – Thank you! We wrote “Evaporate” in a tiny treehouse in Mount Washington.

SMC – When can we expect a video release for the song? We’d love to feature it on the front page of our website!

CF – We won’t be releasing a video for this single actually. We’ve decided to let the song speak for itself.

SMC – Is ‘Evaporate’ a good taste of what’s to come for The Fontaines?

CF – We’re going to be putting out a few more singles in the same vain, and then our debut album.

SMC – I seriously love the videos you post on The Fontaines Facebook Page timeline…. it’s nice to see video of you and I think it connects you to your fan-base quite well. I know I have asked this previously but sometimes it varies – which platform do you think receives the most response to your posts?

CF – Conversational videos are the best form of social media in my opinion, I love it when I can see my favorite musician talking about what they’re up to. Twitter is my personal favorite at the moment though.

SMC – I saw that you have been added to some awesome Spotify playlists! Congrats! We are happy to say that you are on our SMC Spotlight Artists Playlist now too! What are your thoughts on Spotify and the kind of traction you receive on that platform?

CF – Thank you for adding us to the SMC Spotlight Artists Playlist! I use Spotify every day myself so it’s been fun to see that other people are seeking us out on there.

SMC – Is there another Album release coming in the near future?

CF – Soon, very, very soon!

SMC – I had a listen to your new song ‘Pitted’ which was sent in as an entry to the NPR Music ‘Tiny Desk Contest’ – it was fantastic! Can you tell us more about this? (the song and the contest)

CF – I’m glad you enjoyed “Pitted”.  It’s an unreleased number off of our debut album. It’s the first song I’ve ever had to stop recording midway through because of crying so hard.

SMC – Can you tell us who you would like to give a ‘shout out’ to in terms of Media support for The Fontaines?

CF – How can I not give a shout out to the one and only Candice Marshall for always supporting us!

SMC – I know you have been regularly spun on Rodney Bingenheimer’s Rodney on the Roq – KROQ show in Los Angeles – what other radio stations have shown a keen interest in your music?

CF – Getting played regularly on Rodney On The Roq on KROQ has been amazing. I’m excited to see where else it ends up.

SMC – Are there any festivals you will be playing this year?

CF – We might as well be getting on the plane to go to SXSW now!

SMC- I had a look at your website – it’s well laid out! Who manages all your music platforms and is responsible for the creation of visual content behind them?

CF – Hank and I design everything “Fontaines” related anyone sees. To me, the visuals go hand-in-hand with the music, so how could we not do it ourselves.

SMC – In terms of genres, what and who are your favorite go-to’s?

CF – I’ve been listening to “I Love You Always Forever” by Donna Summer on repeat for days.

SMC What do you think is most vital to grow your bands brand within the industry with Media and Fans?

CF – Making music you…yourself… would listen to.

SMC – Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing a song?

CF – Interpersonal relationships. Does anything else actually matter?

SMC – How do you execute a concept with a written song in terms of instrumentation? For each Artist, I get a different answer. I am curious what the process is like for you….

CF – Songwriting for us is like building a house of cards. Hank and I create the bass with chords and a melody and lyrics, then our bandmates (Daniel Zuker, bass, and Chrystian Kaplan, drums) come in and add their parts.

SMC – I think one of the things I love most about The Fontaines is that you promote your music in a very unique way. I feel the music and your image is enough to be considered one of those bands that really doesn’t have to push the promo to be truly great – you just are! Your brand stands on its own as something everyone wants to hear/know/see. It’s extraordinary. What are your thoughts on my views?

CF – What a great compliment! Music is the one place in my life where I truly never hold back from being myself, so it means a lot to hear you call it “extraordinary”.

SMC – I like to also mention that your songs: one to the next to the next is entirely different in its composition and sound. Is that deliberate? I love the range in sound you create!

CF – We’re just having fun putting out the music we feel fits our life at this moment in time.

SMC – It’s been some time since we last spoke. I saw that you have played a lot of live shows and will be playing at SXSW Festival next month! How did you land that? It’s awesome!

CF – I’m really looking forward to playing SXSW for the first time. I’m stoked to see Austin.

SMC – What are the top five songs in your most recent playlist? Inquiring minds want to know!

CF – “Get Physical” by Pep, “Calling You” by Jeff Buckley, “Wipe Out” by The Surfaris, “Comme Moi” by Edith Piaf, and “Stronger Than Me” by Amy Winehouse.

SMC – What do you think makes The Fontaines an ‘iconic’ band? I feel you are and I have my views, but I would like to know what your thoughts on yourselves are….

CF – I’m happy that we get to make whatever kind of music we want to.

SMC – We look forward to hearing more and have added your new single ‘Evaporate’ to our SMC Spotlight Artists Spotify playlist. Can you give us some parting words or a teaser of what’s to come from The Fontaines in the next 3-6 months?

CF – Stay tuned for our debut album. In the meantime, you can check out our single “Evaporate” on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

SMC – Thank you Hank and Charlotte! As always, we love having you on the SMC Spotlight!

CF – Thanks for having us on the SMC Spotlight!


Band Members

Charlotte Fontaine (Vocalist)

Hank Fontaine (Backup Vocalist, Guitarist)

Daniel Zuker (Bassist)

Chrystian Kaplan (Drummer)


The Fontaines are a brother-sister duo based in Los Angeles, California.  Charlotte Fontaine (vocals) and Hank Fontaine (guitar) began writing new-wave influenced rock songs after growing up all over the world as kids.  The siblings are backed by Chrystian Kaplan (drums) and Daniel Zuker (bass) live and in the studio.

In 2016 The Fontaines performed at music festivals including Savannah Stopover, Canadian Music Week, Broke LA, and Make Music Pasadena.  In June, the band released their new EP, “ii,” which has gotten airplay on KROQ in Los Angeles.  The band is currently finishing up their debut full-length album, set for release in 2017.


The Fontaines Social Media Links (click to view):