The Whiskey Darlings

Interview by CA Marshall Editor| Starlight Music Chronicles SMC – Hello The Whiskey Darlings! Welcome to Starlight Music Chronicles Spotlight! We first met via the December 2015 SMC Artist of the Month competition and are pretty impressed about you holding the top spot for the first part of the competition. What did you think of this competition? TWD – Hey Candice!  I think that is a great way to get people engaged in the process of picking the artist.  Because of it you have people excited for and wanting to read the reviews of the band, and listening to their music during and after the competition. SMC – What positive do you think you walked away with from the competition? TWD – We are a fairly new act, so it was nice to see some of our new fans rally behind us in that competition. SMC – For the sake of introducing you to our fan base, can you tell us all of your names and which instruments you play? TWD – The Whiskey Darlings consist of Michele Van Kleef singing and playing guitar, and Rob Rainwater singing and playing guitar, mandolin and harmonica. SMC – Can you please tell us about the band itself and how you all came to be The Whiskey Darlings? TWD – We started the project based on a love of Folk-Rock of the 60s and 70s. We were both booked at the same venue on the same night by mistake, so the person who […]

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