Olivia Penalva Series No.1

OFFICIAL Starlight Music Chronicles 2016 TEEN Artist of the Year: Olivia Penalva CA Marshall When the lilting and effervescent voice of British Columbia, Canadian, Olivia Penalva first reached my ears was win the fall of 2015 when Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC) sponsored a ReverbNation competition with Bongo Boy TV. I was one of the judges and out of thousands of entries, Olivia’s stood out at the top of my ‘YES’ list. Everything she presented in her submission for her single ‘Ferris Wheel’ was light, fun, audibly and visually magic to the senses: She simply had to be one of the winners. She did win, and was aired on Bongo Boy TV across 33+ cable network stations across the USA. In November of last year, Olivia entered the SMC Artist of the Month competition and after losing to The Roxy Suicide, she decided to take another stab at the January 2016 Artist of the Month competition and won! Soon after, she began launching new singles off her new EP ‘Weightless’ which launched recently and which has been receiving RAVE reviews globally. The songs are an ethereal digest of empathy, romance, and life with a storytelling that only Olivia could be capable of carrying out: her vocals are an elixir of all that is beautiful in this world to the ears with a touch of magic behind it. Seriously. One only has to listen to her debut single ‘Outshine the Stars’ to hear the lovely in this young Artists make-up. Olivia Penalva […]

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