Post Script: Artist Interview

Artist Interview by CA Marshall SMC – Hello Post Script! We are LOVING your sound! For the sake of our readers and this interview, can you please let us know your names, where you are based out of and which instruments you play? PS – Post Script is formed by Steph Blais on rhythm guitar and vocals, Brayden Treble on lead guitar and vocals and Paul Cournoyer on Upright bass and vocals. We are based out of Edmonton Alberta.  SMC – Your new album ‘If Not For You’ has recently been released. Can you please tell us which platforms fans can purchase it? PS – You can purchase our new album, ‘If Not For You’ on iTunes, bandcamp, sound cloud and you can also follow us on Spotify. SMC – What has been the fan response to the new album? PS – Our fans have been really enjoying the album. It is our first full length record, so I think a lot of them were itching to get some more music out of us!  SMC – Do you feel that this album is consistent to whom and what Post Script is all about or do you feel it has a different vibe than some of your other recordings? PS – I think this album really describes who we are as a group. We worked so hard on this record and worked on all of the songs together so a lot of effort and love have gone into our songs.  SMC […]

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