Joshua Shultz | CEO Bellus Magazine

By Candice Anne Marshall Celebrity Photography: Joshua Shultz Photos in order of appearance top to bottom: Joshua Shultz, David Hasselhoff, Melanie Martinez, Meg MYERS, Edwin Hodge, Katherine-McNamara, and Petite Meller In the fall of 2015, I met multi-talented Artist, Los Angeles based, Joshua Shultz. He had completed collaborative work on a fashion film for a mutual friend of ours Danielle Gumina (Grip Handbags) which included Fashion Art Rock Band Palaye Royale. At the time, I was up to my ears with the design stage of the first issue of Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine yet something about Joshua struck a chord in me. So I began researching and found out that not only did he possess impeccable,dedicated work ethic, the quality of his photography, videos, and film are out of this world. In researching further, I found out that he was a fellow industry peer as CEO of his own high class polished fashion and entertainment magazine: Bellus.  We were practically family! It made sense to observe his art further and in December 2016, noticed he completed a gorgeous photo shoot with singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez. It was time to get him on our Spotlight and celebrate his accomplishments. Here is our Exclusive Interview: Starlight Music Chronicles Spotlight Interview | Joshua Shultz January 2 2017 SMC – Hello Joshua! You are our first Spotlight feature for 2017! On our Spotlight we feature many high caliber Musicians, Actors, and Fashion Industry peers. What are your thoughts about us including you in this? JS – I […]

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